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Fitness Friendly Food – Strawberries, Green Apples Quinoa Salad


Before I start talking about today’s “on the fly” recipe, I wanted to take a few seconds to thank everybody who comment and discuss food on this blog.  Some of you, we’ve been chatting for a while and I think it’s absolutely incredible that you still follow me here.  For the others who are brand new, it’s a real pleasure to approve your messages, look at your awesome blogs and get to know you virtually. :)  You guys and girls are the reason why I created this site and it’s such a warming feeling to know it is appreciated.  For all of this, thank you :)

Ok, now that I laid out all my feelings… it’s time to switch to food! ahah …oh yeah ;)

In preparation for my big journey, I decided that it would probably be a good idea to start working out a little bit more intensely than what I used to do and to learn some sort of martial art.  After all, the world is big and amazing but can also be dangerous at time.  I wouldn’t want to be at the wrong place, at the wrong moment with absolutely no skills what’s so ever on how get myself out of a bad situation.  So, since I wrote my first post about my journey, I started working out twice as much as I used to.  Everyday (or almost) I wake up around 5:45am, take a light breakfast and work out for 1:30 to 2h.  I’m hoping to start some sort of martial art next week but I’m still deciding on where I should go.

Part of this new, more intense, fitness life comes with a more “fitness friendly” menu.  It’s not that I was eating BAD before but I realize, the more I sweat my life away every morning, I need a different type of food to keep me alert during the day and to also make me sleep better.  Now I’m not sure if the sleeping better is because of the food of the work out but this minor change of my habit is doing wonders.

This is a little sweet desert, side, breakfast salad that I like to eat in the morning.  You got pure and slow burning sugar, simple carbs and low calories.  Pretty much everything you want to eat before a nice work out early in the morning.

Hope you’ll enjoy this recipe as much as I do :)  Bon Appetit and.. good work out!

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Marinated Cauliflower with Graines a Roussir & Preserved Lemon


I went to a family BBQ last Saturday and brought back home a few new gems for my cooking books collection.

Technically, I shouldn’t  be packing up more stuff in to my tiny apartment but any real foodie that respect herself HAS to accept all culinary books that is offered.  I know that, soon, pretty much all my books will be going in boxes to then be placed in a heated storage for I don’t know how many years but, I couldn’t resist.  I guess you can say that it’s part of this secret “code” among foodies, to always be alert just in case somebody is giving away cool cooking books. lol  Pretty much like addicts that needs their crack.  If that existed, I would totally see myself signing up to go to the CBAA (Cooking Books Addicts Anonymous).  I can never resist an occasion to replenish my bookshelf and I cherish all of them, all the time. ^_^ <- I might be becoming a little crazy too but that’s another story…

Why am I talking about packing??   Because the demon of the mundane, boring, non adventurous self employed, geek life has hit me in the face!   I had been dreaming of becoming nomad for a many years but only recently, I found the courage to officially say “fuck it”  I’m doing it.  My decision is done, I’m looking forward in reducing my life in to a few suitcases and see where the wind will bring me.

What can I say, I crave to see the world, experience it and obviously taste it.  I’m hoping to discover a lot of new recipes along the way, as I create (hopefully) new friendships and learn about the different cultures that makes this world such a beautiful place.  Sounds awesome doesn’t it?  Max and I woke up from our daily life coma to realized that since we work online… we can work from ANYWHERE!  Because of this incredible opportunity, why the hell are we still stuck in our hometown complaining about snow years after years?!?! <- This is pretty much where our brains went on overload and we started thinking and thinking… 

Sometime, in life, you have to just jump in and hope for the best.  You can never really be ready for such journey and that what makes it an adventure.  I read somewhere that “life start at the end of our comfort zone” … and I’m such a creature of comfort!  We all are really… but I decided that I wasn’t going to content myself of this comfortable life, I was going to challenge it.  Oh I’m realistic, it wont always be blue sky and butterflies (although I wish it could be), I might have to jump through hoops and make sure that I’m well organized but no matter what happens, at least I lived my way. <- witch reminds me of the song “My Way” from Frank Sinatra… I love this song, beautiful lyrics.

Anyhow… all this story to bring you back to my family BBQ last Saturday!  Mom had brought a few goodies that were giving away by the library where she work and obviously she was kind enough to share these awesomeness with my sister and I.

One of the book I picked up (see the photo lower in the post) had this recipe for marinated cauliflower florets that was playing in the zesty, tangy tones and I thought that it would be the perfect guilt free food for the hot weather we have over Montreal this week.  This is obviously not at all the same recipe but it plays in the same family of aroma if I can take the words out of the mouth of my friend François.

I hope you’ll enjoy this simple salad that can eaten on it’s own or as a side dish.  Yesterday it was served it with a kale Frittata and it was like a match made in heaven ^_^

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Easy & Humble Kale Soup

“Eat your greens or you wont have any desert!”


…probably a sentence everybody heard a few times during their childhood.  I don’t remember being over difficult to feed as a child, beside the terrifying grilled white cod filet with tomatoes my mom used to make (I still have nightmares about it, true story), so I was happy (most of the time) to eat my greens.

Kale was introduce to my diet much later in life.  I do not recall my mom or dad buying any but, back then, the trend was more to eat spinach and I clearly remember the creamed spinach side dish my mom used to make.  Let me tell you… THAT was insanely delicious and now that I think about it, I’ll have to ask her for the recipe next time I see her.

You could probably make this soup with baby spinach as well.  Why do I say baby and no regular spinach?  Only because I’m thinking the bitterness of the fully grown spinach might be a little bit too overpowering for the humble and light taste of this soup.  While you can still try, I’m thinking that by trying to cover the bitterness, you might feel the push to add more salt and we all know by now that salt is a big no no for our dear arteries.

You can rock this soup in about 1:30 maximum and that’s with the prep included.  For those busy and lazy week nights, a comforting soup made with real and a small amount of ingredients is always welcome.

Bon Appetit!

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Sausage & Shrimp Puff Pastry Rolls


For days where you want a blast of flavor and don’t care about your diet…  For either a game day, a friendly gathering or really just because your heart wants it.


No need to start a guilt trip here, we all need a few days like this every months ;)

Serve these delicious puff pastry sausage and shrimps with Dijon mustard, regular mustard or ketchup depending on what you prefer!

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Sweet Potato, Spinach, Broccoli Risotto


I hope you’ll enjoy this fun vegan and gluten free risotto, perfect for a busy week night and a next day lunch! :)

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Creole Beef Soup


Mother nature is being such a tease with us this year.  One day it’s warm enough to make you believe Summer is coming and the next day we are back in January with snow falls and cold weather.  It’s the type of weeks where you never really know how to dress and you’re stomach is all confused, craving comforting winter soups and light cold salads.

Since it’s been 2-3 days now that mother nature have been giving us cold weather, I’m still craving this type of filling soup you would eat at your grand parent’s house.  It’s simple and easy to prepare, decadent, comforting and extremely flavorful.  The delicate taste of the graines a roussir and the smoked bacon really gives this soup a comforting feels like if you were back at your grand parent’s house, all wrapped up in a warm blanket with fuzzy slippers.  I like to call this one my fuzzy slipper soup.  That’s how I meant to present it the first time but I figured that you guys would think I’m weird and make soup out of old slippers so I changed the name.  lol

Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe, may this soup bring you back sweet memories or create new ones :)  Bon Appetit!


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Graines a Roussir


Here’s an easy recipe for an amazing and versatile spice blend that comes from the Caribbean!  My step dad has a lot of family in Guadeloupe and this is where I was exposed to the delicious French Caribbean cuisine.  I’m a sucker for a good chicken colombo and I always have some roucou in my fridge.

The only name I know for this blend is in French and it’s called: graines à roussir.  If I was to give you a quick French course, the word “graines” means seeds and “roussir” means burn lightly, roast, turn brown.. you get the idea?  I guess the best way to translate this would be: seeds to burn lightly.

That’s what you will want to do with these before either use them whole or in powder form, grill them gently on the stove top till they start smelling good and make sure not to burn them.

I usually make a bunch in advance, roast the pack, process it to powder and keep the powder for easier use.  Although I’m sure that doing it right on the spot is a much better option if you want maximum flavor, I like the simplicity of always having some already grounded in a small container, on the side of the stove.  They are mainly used as rubs for red meats, chicken or fish but you can also use them for a ton of other things like sauces and even bread!

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Green Spinach Pesto


Here’s a fun and “jazzed up” pesto recipe made with fresh baby spinach, hemp seeds, arugula, coriander, Parmesan and more!    The first time I made this, it was to go with some homemade raviolis stuffed with light ricotta and feta cheese and ohhhhhh!  …I made a lot of happy tummy that night.


To make the pasta sauce, I stretched a few tablespoons of this pesto with coconut milk and a tab more garlic (I’m obsessed with garlic so taste before adding more) and just like that, I had made an flavorful and creamy sauce.  Later that week, I used it for grilling some juicy steaks and even made a dip for the meat!  Both experiences were very welcomed by everybody who had the chance to taste it and now it’s your turn to try :)

Hope you like it!

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