Fitness Friendly Food – Strawberries, Green Apples Quinoa Salad


Before I start talking about today’s “on the fly” recipe, I wanted to take a few seconds to thank everybody who comment and discuss food on this blog.  Some of you, we’ve been chatting for a while and I think it’s absolutely incredible that you still follow me here.  For the others who are brand…

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Marinated Cauliflower with Graines a Roussir & Preserved Lemon


I went to a family BBQ last Saturday and brought back home a few new gems for my cooking books collection. Technically, I shouldn’t  be packing up more stuff in to my tiny apartment but any real foodie that respect herself HAS to accept all culinary books that is offered.  I know that, soon, pretty much…

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Easy & Humble Kale Soup


“Eat your greens or you wont have any desert!” …probably a sentence everybody heard a few times during their childhood.  I don’t remember being over difficult to feed as a child, beside the terrifying grilled white cod filet with tomatoes my mom used to make (I still have nightmares about it, true story), so I…

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Sausage & Shrimp Puff Pastry Rolls


For days where you want a blast of flavor and don’t care about your diet…  For either a game day, a friendly gathering or really just because your heart wants it. No need to start a guilt trip here, we all need a few days like this every months Serve these delicious puff pastry sausage…

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