Basic Labneh
Prep time
Total time
The original version seem to require us to stir in the salt first in the yogurt but I prefer to add my salt after because I never know which flavours I'll be adding to my Labneh. I would also figure that in the eventuality of making a sweet version of labneh, you wouldn't want to add salt at all.
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
  • Low fat (or no fat) plain Greek yogurt
  • Cheese Cloth folded to have at least 4 layers thick
  • ½ to 1 teaspoon of salt (optional)
  • high quality oil
  • strainer
  • 1 mixing bowl properly sized to hold the colander on top and big enough to capture all the whey.
  1. - Prepare your whey recipient, place the colander on top of the bowl with 4 layered cheese cloth inside. Make sure you have extra cloth on all sides to be able to fold it over the yogurt.
  2. - Stir in the salt before transferring your yogurt in the cheese cloth.
  3. - Fold over the sides of the cheese cloth, locking in your yogurt. Add a weight on top and let it drain for a minimum of 24 to 30hours undisturbed.
  4. - Once the time is done, the texture should already be close to a cream cheese or goat cheese and your recipient should have a cloudy liquid at the bottom. That's the whey you want to keep and use.
  5. - Squeeze a bit of the left over whey, with your hands, and voilĂ ! ...You got fresh Labneh just waiting to be flavoured.
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