Homemade Apple Sauce

When I first moved in to my own place, one of the activities I liked the most was to create recipes to fill up an adorable blank recipe book my mom offered me to celebrate the beginning of my independence If I remember right, apple sauce is the first thing I tried to make because even if I don’t dislike the store bought version, everything is always so much better when it’s homemade right? Too bad my family never shared with me any recipe for apple sauce but like you will see, it’s so easy that it almost doesn’t deserve to have a recipe. Everybody is adds their own touch in the end but the basic of the process is universal.

What’s fun about this apple sauce is that it can be use on pretty much everything! From meat to baked goods, the tangy taste of the apple and the spicy and delicate aroma of the cardamom are a great addition to main dishes and deserts. I have a few recipes up my sleeves where I am using this versatile apple sauce that I will be sharing them with you but till then, hope you enjoy this post that bring me back in my first closet size kitchen. :) Ahhhh memories :)


1/2 cup of lemon juice

8-10 fresh apples, cut in cubes (I like to use Spartan apples)

1/2 cup of brown sugar

1/2 cup of maple syrup

1 teaspoon of cardamom

1- In a big sauce pan, add the lemon juice and your apple cubes. What I usually do is to keep my sauce pan on the counter with the lemon juice and as I cut each apples, I toss them in there and roll them in the lemon juice so they don’t change color till the moment where I bring them on the stove.

2- Once everything is cut and ready, bring everything on the stove, add the sugar, maple syrup and cardamom, cover and cook for 20 minutes at MEDIUM heat while stirring once in a while.

3- Lower your stove temperature to LOW, keep it covered and cook for an extra 20 minutes while stirring once in a while again.

4- To get this texture, I took my cordless hand blender and processed all the sauce to get it that smooth. This texture thing is 100% up to you, I personally like smooth or with mini chunks all depend of what I plan to do with it :)

and there you go! you got apple sauce :)


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    Made this last night with Galas! Had to substitute 50/50 cinnamon / nutmeg for the cardamom though, couldn’t find any anywhere. Having some now, tastes great! Little sweet for me though, I think next time I’ll either lighten the sugar or use less-sweet apples and let you know =)


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