How to make the Perfect Bacon every time.

Yes it is possible!  There is an actual science on how to make the perfect bacon strips every time with no fuss what’s so ever.  You can even use this technique to make the whole package of bacon in advance and keep it in an air tight container, in the fridge, for sometime more than a week!  It’s a life saver seriously and thank you so much to my love Max for showing me this trick when we first started going out together.  I used to make the bacon on the stove top like most people and I used to hate every second of it because it’s super messy and most of the time I end up burning myself because I’m too clumsy.


Raw Bacon Strips

Big Baking Sheet

Parchment paper

Your Oven

1- Pre-heat your oven at 350.

2- Line a piece of parchment paper on your baking sheet and put each slice of bacon side by side on the paper, making sure you don’t overlap them too much because they will stick to each other and that will make them more complicated to flip them later.

3- Cook your bacon in this pattern: 10 minutes – flip – 10 minutes – flip – 6 minutes.  Don’t remove the grease that will form on the baking sheet during the entire cooking process.

4- If you plan on eating your bacon now: If you like your bacon crispy, let the slices you want cook the extra 4 minutes in the oven.  If you like it softer, after the 6 minutes you will be fine.  Transfer the slices to an absorbing paper and remove as much grease as you can.

If you plan on storing your bacon for later: Don’t absorb any grease, cut a few wax paper pieces that will fit inside your chosen air tight container and place them between each row of bacon strips.  This is only from a personal point of view but looks like the more melted grease around the strip the longer they last in the fridge.  Once you’re ready to use your bacon, you can either cook them in a plate with an absorbing paper on top and cook them from 30 seconds to 1 minutes all depending on your taste.  OR on the stove top for about 1-2 minutes or till it’s grilled to your liking :)

You can keep your bacon in the fridge up to a week and sometime a bit more :)


  1. Jeremy says

    I cook mine similar, but I put it in the oven cold, set it to 400, and come back in 18-20 min, depending on thickness, to watch for it to be done. No flipping or anything. Always perfect

    • arielrebel says

      Oh thanks for the info :)
      The only thing I like about flipping is that I find that both side cook better but it’s great to know it works both ways :)

      • Jeremy says

        I also am not very picky about how done my bacon is, haha. I’m sure flipping it would be better for both sides. I usually just ziploc it all and microwave a few slices for breakfast anyway. But yes, bacon.

  2. Gary (a true fan) says

    this sounds good! of course I’m prejudice, I LOVE the hell out of you! you’re gorgeous, sexy & you can cook too! girl, if you ever become available, please, be mine! I do however have a TIP! NEVER fry bacon NAKED!!! >ouch very painful< rock on, beautiful! ;D

    • arielrebel says

      Oh wow thanks Gary you’re so sweet :) I’m very flattered 😛
      and yeah naked frying in general is a bad idea lol even lingerie is pretty special 😛 …I talk from experience lol

  3. Orby says

    Does ovens in Canada use the Fahrenheit scale? Didn’t know that. Doesn’t Canada normally use Celsius?
    I don’t think the bacon would taste very good if I heated it in 350° for 26 minutes in my oven, and when I would open the door to flip them, my eyebrows would be gone! 😛

    Love what you’re doing by the way! Get men’s attention with your modelling, then teach us cooking! My future girlfriend/wife will be grateful! 😛

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