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My Gardening list 2014

It happened.  My new obsession with gardening struck again.  Urban Harvest and Hawthorn Farm were my victims…


Since I got back from vacation, I’ve been planning my gardening list.  This whole thing started because I ate that awesome “poblano breakfast” (something I’ll have to do for the blog) at this super cute place in Mexico last week and since then, I’ve been kind of obsessing on finding seeds for these poblano peppers to add to my growing list for 2014.  It was actually easy to find them but it kind of opened the can of worms and after 1 pepper became 6 different types of tomatoes… my faith was set, I had to indulge in to my obsession and buy all my seeds the same day. …witch I did… witch made me the happiest girl in the world. lol

Because I’m a tab maniac, I needed to make sure that what I’m buying is perfectly good quality and obviously certified organic so it took me a while before I allowed myself to click buy on my two lists.  Last year’s gardening experience was good but I was kind of annoyed at the girl at the Jean-Talon market because she couldn’t tell me the exact type of tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries I was buying and although everything I grew was delicious, not knowing minor details about where my plants come from, if it’s organic or not is enough for me to decide that I’m gonna do what most experienced gardeners do and start from scratch.  It would be a lie to say that I’m not nervous about the whole process but we all have to start somewhere right?

Plus, it’s gonna be exciting to see the magic of nature…  Don’t you find that it a kind of crazy (and beautiful at the same time) that pretty much everything in this world start from something so small (sometime invisible) to end up in something fully grown that we can see, touch, taste that is also complex and unique? ..I love this idea, I love thinking also that for half of the price I paid last year, I’ll have even more vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs growing all around me.

The two stores I listed above were, in my opinion, the best choices for what I wanted this year and I’m sure there is plenty of other ones I could have chosen but I’m glad these two were my first victims.  If you’re living in Canada and are searching for certified organic seeds, I suggest you check them out.  I obviously haven’t received my seeds yet but I already received a confirmation from Hawthorn Farm that they would be sending me everything in the upcoming days. Yoohoo! #HappyDance

What I also liked about the Hawthorn farm, their seeds are germination tested witch means I’m hoping to have a killer result with a small amount of seeds I’ll be using and I know that when they say that their seeds are certified organic, they really are.  Plus they are located in Ontario and our weather is very close so I’m more keen on believing them when they write about what have been growing well on their farm.  Montreal doesn’t have the longest summer and if I only judge myself on what happened last year (shittiest summer ever) I needed to make sure that I was buying some cold weather resistant plants.

Here’s the list of what I bought for this year… I’m thinking I might have a bit too many tomatoes but worst case, some of these seeds will be for 2015.  There is also the Birdhouse and Apple Gourds that I’m not sure if I’ll be growing this year just because of my limited place situation but I will grow them in 2015 for sure.  Something about the whole crafting projects I’ll be able to do with these after all sounds pretty exciting.

Hawthorn Farm purchases:

San Marzano Tomatoes   *   King of North – Red Bell Peppers   *   Garlina’s Yellow Tomatoes   *   Break O’ Day Tomatoes   *   Principe Borghese Tomatoes   *   Toma Verde – Tomatillo   *   Cosmonaut Volkov Tomatoes   *   Homemade Pickles Cucumber   *   Gates Blue Curled Kale   *   Genovese Basil   *   Siam Queen Thai Basil   *   Cilantro Santo   *   Garden Sage   *   Birdhouse Gourd   *   Apple Gourd

Urban Harvest purchases:

Poblano Peppers (Ancho)   *    Wapsinicon Peach Tomatoes    *   Delicata Squash    *   Yellow Patty Pan Squash    *   Goldie Ground Cherries   *   Snowy Eggplant

My total with taxes, shipping and handling included: 89.73$

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  1. Rich says:

    Sounds like a good choose. Good luck with the seeds :)

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